Autism Diagnostic Clinic

Autism Assessments are currently only carried out by our psychologist, Maria Paula De Virgilio. Maria has no waiting list for Autism Assessments and our payments can be broken up into sections to assist with affordability. 

Please contact our reception to make a booking, and please ensure that upon attendance to the Intake Assessment you bring all relevant prior assessments (eg. Paediatrician, Speech Assessments, School reports) to assist with the process.

Assessment Fee Structure


Intake Appointment   - 1 Hr                                                                           $190.00

  • Completion of developmental history with an emphasis on early warning signs for autism spectrum disorders


Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Second Edition- 2hr               $600.00

  • Clinic based assessment


Social Communication Assessment (Optional) - 1hr                                     $190.00

  • Completed in the child’s natural social environment (e.g., school, kinder, childcare)

  • Includes observations and interviews with teachers, parents and other relevant adults in the child’s life


Feedback Appointment – 1hr                                                                         $450.00

  • Provision of a formal assessment report

  • Recommendations and referrals to other services if required



Total Cost - $ 1430 (can be paid in full or in broken down schedule as above)

*Medicare rebates apply for the four assessment sessions with a referral from a Paeditrician

** A cognitive assessment can be completed for an additional cost (refer to Educational Assessments Page)



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