Children’s Educational Diagnostic Clinic


Our psychologist, Maria Paula De Virgilio is currently the only psychologist who undertake Educational Assessments.

Please contact us to enquire or make a booking. 

Appointment/Fee Structure


Cognitive Testing – 2hr                                                                                              $650

WISC-V (Children) or WAIS-IV (Adult) Requires a two hour testing session, of which 90 minutes is with the individual, in addition to a 30 minute background information interview with the individual and a parent/carer. All Cognitive Assessments come with a written report detailing the findings of the assessment session. Cognitive assessment assesses the different areas of cognitive functioning, the individuals strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for future improvements and support strategies.


Achievement Assessment - 2hr                                                                            +$450

WIAT-III conducted in conjunction with the WISC-V Cognitive Assessment, as an additional two hour session, typically within 7 days of the Cognitive Assessment. The findings of the Achievement Assessment are incorporated into the Cognitive Assessment report. Achievement Assessment assesses reading, writing, mathematics and phonetics, and gives an accurate picture of academic performance and potential, as well as comparisons to the outcomes of the individuals intellectual ability.


Adaptive Behaviour Assessment - 2hr                                                                   +$350

Vineland-III Assesses the daily living skills and independent functioning of the individual, across domains of social, self care, domestic and self help skills. It can be carried out as a standalone assessment, or in conjunction with other psychometric assessment, giving age equivalent outcomes of an individual’s ability to function without assistance in society.


Total Educational assessment cost - $1100 (WISC V and WIAT III), can be paid in full or broken into 2 payments.


*No Medicare rebates are accessible for educational assessment sessions

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