Psychologist Supervision


The psychology profession has a tradition of supervision or mentoring/case consultation between practitioners. At Ranges Psychological Services, we have Board of Australia approved supervisors for the purpose of training psychology graduates and to fulfill Board Registration Supervision Requirements.

Supervision or consultation is the corner stone of our profession. Supervision is:

  • A Forum for reflection: where the supervisee can reflect on their work and learn from that reflection;

  • A Forum for accountability: where supervision is a process where cases can be reviewed and dissected so that there is learning and so that quality of work is maintained;

  • A Forum for experiential learning: where the supervisee can apply learnings and integrate them into their day to day clinical work;


Supervision will focus on your goals, skill development, case consultation and improving your confidence and capability as a psychologist or therapist.

Maria Paula De Virgilio is currently our only psychologist registered as a Board Approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia who is able to supervise psychologists and/or provisional psychologists.

Maria is a registered Psychologist with over 10 years experience in the treatment of mental health disorders and specialised expertise working with individuals with neuro-developmental disorders across all age spans.  Maria aims to provide Supervision in a reflective and supportive approach that allows the supervisee the confidence to explore all issues relevant to improving their clinical skills and to achieve their Supervision goals. The initial stage of Supervision is to meet and generate a plan that best meets your learning and developmental needs in the context of the supervisees circumstances.

Maria is approved to provide Supervision in the following recognised supervision pathways:

  • 4+2 internship program – principal or secondary supervisors of provisional psychologists undertaking the 4+2 internship program leading to general registration

  • 5+1 internship program – principal or secondary supervisors of provisional psychologists undertaking the internship year of the 5+1 program leading to general registration

  • Work in addition to higher degree – supervisors of provisional psychologists enrolled in a higher degree who are gaining extra experience in a psychology role that is not part of their degree.

Please contact us if you are interested in undertaking some individual supervision.
Supervision can be on a one-off consultation basis or ongoing as suits the practitioner.

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